10 Reasons to Order Bespoke Awards From Award EFX

When it comes to rewarding winners for their outstanding achievements, it’s important to be able to present them with a stunning bespoke award to show off that success. Below we have put together a few reasons why you might want to consider Award EFX to design and manufacture a plaque, trophy or an award for your event.

1. Brand Promotion
One of the most important features of an award is your brand’s specific logo. Your brand’s appearance on the award can go a long way in putting your brand’s best face forward.

2. Simple Design Process
Our creative team can create a design tailored to suit your budget and your individual needs.

3. Unique Awards, Just For You
Our awards are made to be a reflection of each client’s special event or landmark occasion. The designs of our trophies and awards are made according to your specific logo, artwork, and requirements, in the exact size and shape that you want.Image result for 10 Reasons to Order Bespoke Awards From Award EFX

4. Friendly and Personal Customer Service
Our team is here to help and happy to chat with you about the various options available to you for your awards. We offer friendly and personal service from the very first phone call, and throughout the process of creating your award, plaque, or trophy.

5. Selection of Quality Materials
Our awards are made with only high quality materials so as to provide you with a beautiful, yet durable keepsake of an important achievement. Pristine trophies of silver or gold finish, colourful acrylic, crystal and glass, or even environmentally friendly materials such as wood and various recycled products. 

6. Made in the U.K.
EFX awards are proudly designed and manufactured right here in Britain. That means no big shipments of mass produced items from places like the U.S. or China, as well as a reduced carbon footprint. What’s more, making your awards right here at home gives us greater quality control over production while supporting the British economy.

7. Sustainability
EFX offers a range of awards made from sustainable products and believes in being sensitive to the environment. We use recycled products wherever available in order to reduce energy and natural resource consumption.

8. No Surprise Fees
When ordering your award, we won’t surprise you with any hidden costs. The price that we quote you is the price that you’ll pay. 

9. Added Value
EFX believes in going above and beyond in providing service to clients. Aside from creating unique awards of the highest quality and offering a wide variety of additional features such as engraving and a selection of presentation boxes, we are also happy to promote events through our social network as well as offering a streamlined replica service.

10. Trust
We understand just how important your award, plaque, or trophy is for your event, and we also understand that it may feel a bit like taking a blind leap when putting your trust in someone new for something so crucial. This is why we make our ordering process as easy as possible, and why you are under no obligation to make an order until you have full knowledge of the cost, and have seen what your award will look like. If you still want some added reassurance, have a look at some of the testimonials from previous customers, who have happily returned year after year to obtain EFX awards for their events.

To learn what we can do for you and your next awards event, contact our customer service team today so that we can get started!

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