Deal Effectively With a Team That Is Not Performing Adequately

It is clear that every team can go through a difficult spell but what it your team is simply performing horribly over as long period? If this has been the case for some time then you definitely need to find a way to sort the matter out.

There are some different approaches that you can take in this situation, so which one will you choose?

Clear the Air

Finding the root cause of the problems should be your first step. It may be that this is pretty obvious but it is also possible that you need to do some digging to find out what is going on.

Could it be that personality clashes, a lack of training or unclear targets are to blame for the poor performance to date? There are many different reasons for teams doing badly and not all of them are easy to see.

This means that a clear the air meeting can be perfect for finding out what exactly is the problem. It could turn into a heated meeting so you will want to be completely in control at all times.

One thing you will definitely want to avoid is the risk of turning this into a witch-hunt, or of the employees getting this impression. Instead, you should frame it as being an opportunity for them to let you know how you can help.   3

Lay Down the Law

Another possibility is that you need to let everyone in the team know exactly where they stand. If they have been slacking off or taking liberties then this simply can’t be accepted.

Even if you like to run a relaxed team, you need to have some limits and controls in place to ensure a productive workplace. Perhaps the problem is that not everyone is aware what these limits are?

If it is simply a case of having to lay down the law then you will want to go into the meeting fully prepared. It may be that you need to threaten disciplinary action or some other type of action if you don’t see improvements right away.

You need to tread very carefully when you deal with this matter, as your employees might get nervous or defensive if they feel that you are being too hard on them?

Get Them Away for a Day

A fabulous way of helping your team to get back on track is to get them out of the office for a while. This could involve looking for welcoming hotels in Cheshire or some other place to run a special away day.

There are numerous benefits that you can glean for a short business trip like this. Among them, there is the fact that you can discuss the demands and challenges of the business in a relaxed and pressure-free environment.

You might find that an event like this is all that you need to get everyone’s battery recharged and clear up any issues. It might even turn into a fun sort of meeting where everyone leaves with a smile on their faces.3

The starting point for this is with finding the right location. Take a look at some of the top conference venues in Cheshire to get an idea where you could end up going to.

Reward Improvement

The best possible outcome to any of the above approaches is that you see an immediate improvement in the team’s performance. This will give you a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and it is definitely something to be savoured when you have worked hard to achieve it.

However, what you can’t afford to do is let this improvement go un-noticed and un-rewarded. If you have laid down the law and let people know that they were performing poorly then you now have to tell them they are working well.

You maybe decide to reward them with some sort of bonus or you may simply let them know that you are happy with their current performance. In either case, it is vital that you give them positive feedback.

This should mean that they feel the inspiration and motivation to carry on performing at a high standard. We all love to feel that our hard work gets noticed and your team should be happy to see that you are paying attention.

Even a team that is performing well below the necessary level can get back on track if you find the right way to do it. This may take some time and effort but it will be well worth it in the long run.


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