Hosting a Wedding at Home

Your wedding can be one of the most experience and times in your life. It can be one of the most expensive. One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding is, of course, the venue. Instead of letting the venue cost become a barrier enjoying your wedding, consider these tips and host your wedding at home.

Which home is it going to be at? Just because you are having your wedding at home, doesn’t mean that it has to be at your home.  If you don’t have the space to entertain, either indoors or outdoors, speak with your family members about hosting your wedding. Whichever house it is at, as long as it can hold your guests and is free, it can work.

Don’t expect any less work. That’s one of the first mistakes anybody planning a home wedding can make. Remember that, even though it’s at your home, it’s still a full wedding and will include all of the logistics as if you were hosting at a venue.


Tents or outdoor marquees are essential. Whether you are expecting it to shine on through the entire day, you should have some form of rain protection as a backup. Keep in mind that the coverage doesn’t need to protect all of your guests, just the larger areas in the event they cannot all fit inside.

Consider your own catering. Private catering is a must for anybody having a wedding at a venue. At home, however, you have access to a full and familiar kitchen. Use your own pots and pans for cooking and then check through the Groupon Coupons page for Quill for some sturdy catering equipment and serving platters.

Don’t forget a dance floor. After the ceremony is finished, dancing is the number one activity that guests look forward to at a wedding. Don’t disappoint with a patch of grass, use some of the money you saved on the venue for a dance floor and some lighting.

Lighting will be your biggest challenge. A few nights before the event, try out your entire lighting scheme. Items to look for are spaces which have too much light and would make people uncomfortable or spaces which are not lit well enough and could cause a safety issue. Additionally, create a space where guests have a dimly lit area to sit and relax, away from dancing.

Just because you don’t have a large budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t share a special day with your loved ones. Along with these tips, speak with brides who also had a wedding at their home and get their advice.

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