Tips for Organising the Perfect Event

Whether you are a seasoned event manager or a newbie to the field, you know that to be in your position is no easy task. Your friends and family might be more excited than you would like them to be when you are directly involved with the concert responsible for bringing down Snoop Dogg or Justin Timberlake.After all, only you know the kind of work that goes on behind the scenes. However, the thing about event management is that stress levels do not reduce simply because an event is smaller. They remain more or less the same, mainly because you want to make sure that everything takes off like clockwork, without hiccups. So, you might want to read through this list and see if you could find something useful.3

Pick a Theme

Although you might immediately feel like you need to send out the invites as soon as possible and sort out other formalities, what you actually should be doing is settling on a theme. After all, the invitations too should match a theme! It can take you longer than you might anticipate, so take some time to browse the internet, read some magazines, and brainstorm with your team for ideas. Depending on whether the event is a cocktail dinner, kids’ party, or 50th anniversary, your theme will vary. Use the type of event as a guideline. The theme will then help you pick the food, music, and décor, which is basically 80% covered right there.

Confirm Your Budget

Clients tend to want things like unicorn ice-sculptures at the entrance to the venue, but backtrack as soon as you ask them about their budget. The budget is fundamental to your planning. Once you have picked the theme, then the ideas will start rolling in, and unless you have limitations set, your possibilities are endless. Make sure you confirm the final budget and stick to it. You can then communicate back and forth if you need to make any adjustments, as often is the case when organising an event. If you need some help, look at corporate functions Melbourne, for instance.


You are going to be liaising with many different people, so you need to be able to communicate effectively. When the event is larger, the need for stronger communication is even more necessary. You need to be in touch with your client, vendors, attendees, and other suppliers. If you are not, the entire system will fall apart and you will have a disaster on your hands. We live in the heart of the digital age, so not being able to communicate in some way is inexcusable.


Your responsibility is event management, which means that your primary responsibility is to manage or organise. Everyone will be following your lead. If you are not put-together, everything else will be haphazard. Make a clear and detailed to-do list, since the chances of you remembering every little thing are quite low. Tick off each task as you complete it. Remember that keeping your mind clear will make a huge difference, so do your best to not get flustered and caught up in the stress. If you let the tension catch upto you, chances are you will emerge a dictator that simply screams at their employees, which frankly, nobody likes. You will also not be able to extract the maximum productivity out of your team. The traits of a good leader include knowing when to take a break and when to work, and most importantly how to work efficiently. Aim for this.

These suggestions should help to make a huge difference in your planning event process.

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